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About Q’s Bees


The Apiary is located in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The Apiary is 450 acres and is an organic farm. Only organic mite control is used on the farm. While Q’s Bees does everything to ensure that our farm follows organic practices, bees travel far and wide, which is why it is important to promote safe farming practices everywhere. There is a nature center nearby, which also provides a place for the bees to go.

Q’s Bees is owned and operated by Quentin Stedman. Quentin grew up on a small dairy farm in the driftless area of Western Wisconsin. He was introduced to honey bees at a young age on the farm and has been amazed by them ever since. After having a place to have his own hives, he has increased the number of hives and has worked to help both the wild bees and the honey bees.

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