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A Bee Experience


Have you ever wondered about what beekeeping is like and would like to try it for yourself? How much work goes into beekeeping?  Do you have a restaurant or other business and would like the freshest honey for your guests? Do you simply want to learn more about bees?


Q’s Bees provides A Bee Experience allowing different levels of interaction with beekeeping that can answer all of your questions and more. Beekeeping can be intimidating and complex to begin with, but we will help guide you. Find out everything from how honey is made to why bees are so important for our environment. Below are the different options available:


Bee Yard Experience

Want a unique and educational experience unlike anything you’ve done before? Q’s Bees takes adults and kids into the heart of a beehive! Thousands of buzzing bees fly around you as we explain how these tiny, yet powerful creatures work and live.


Tours are a great bonding experience!
Bring your kids, your spouse, your best friend or a date. Bee suits will be provided, all you need to bring is your sense of fun and adventure! Not only will you have fun, learn a ton and snap some great photos, you’ll also get to taste some amazing raw, local honey. Every tour ends with a honey tasting. Tours take place in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Learn about the lives and benefits of our bee community to the entire ecosystem. Get outfitted with a bee net and get close up and personal with the hives if you wish. Reservations based upon availability depending on season and day of week.

Education Bee Experience

We are offering educators the opportunity to invite a “real-life beekeeper” into your classroom capable of sharing information on honeybees, bumblebees and solitary bees.  We offer an excellent presentation that will amplify your educational programs.  With specimens, honey samples, and other props, your students will all be saying “I want to be a beekeeper!”


The presentations can cover any of the following topics:

  • Pollen and pollination

  • What a pollinator is and what they have in common

  • Role of the pollinator in the food web

  • Primary presentation on honeybee life cycles (from egg to mature bee, what are their tasks and responsibilities to the hive?

  • Environmental impacts on honeybees: pesticides, herbicides and disease

  • How the children can help bees survive

Is there something that you would like us to cover?
Contact us for pricing based on group and requested presentation.

Business Experience

Do you own a business and want to promote beekeeping and pollinators?
Do you have a business that uses honey in your product and would like honey from your location?  
We can customize a plan for you to have the bees on your property or ours.
There is no better way to promote using local honey than to have a hive located safely at your business.

Backyard Beehive Experience

Q’s Bees has two ways for you get started with your own backyard beekeeping adventure!


Enjoy the benefits of a backyard hive without ever breaking a sweat! Adding a beehive to your garden not only makes for a beautiful focal point, but also brings many benefits including increased pollination and a one-of-a-kind honey. The best part? We do all the work for you! Our services include site evaluation, hive installation and an ongoing beehive maintenance plan. We can customize any plan to meet your specific needs.


Contact us for pricing and plan options for full-service beehive maintenance.


Mentorship Appointments 

Many new beekeepers feel intimidated and want extra support in their first few years. We offer one-time or ongoing beekeeping mentorship appointments. Call us when you need us or ease yourself into beekeeping with regular appointments. Our monthly mentorship appointments give you the opportunity to shadow an experienced beekeeper. As you learn, your backyard beehive will receive expert care and the best chance at survival.


Contact us for pricing and to set up your mentorship appointments. 

What’s the Difference Between Them?

The difference between these two options is your involvement. If you want to be at every appointment so you can learn to take over the management of your colony some day— you’ll want to sign up for mentorship appointments. If you’d rather be hands-off and have us do all the work then, the maintenance program’s for you.

Farm Tour Experience

As the beekeeper for Gwenyn Hills Farm you can not only learn about the valuable pollinators located on the farm, but you can also arrange different farm tours.  The 400+-acre farm dates back to the 19th century, when produce came from soil rich in nutrients and livestock was raised without growth hormones. The organic, integrated approach to farming echoes those ancient traditions.  Contact the farm manager at Gwenyn Hill Farm for more information.

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